Military Shark Bomb

  • Military Shark Bomb
  • Military Shark Bomb

The military shark bomb in particular features a pinup girl, a kill counter, a Caution : BDE (BIG DICK ENERGY) stencil on his side and a Air Force star insignia in the front.

These Shark bombs stand 9 inches tall and holds 10-12 fluid ounces. They have been known at random to loose teeth.
Our Shark bomb comes with a broken skeleton arm swizzle, coaster and sticker.
These Shark bombs have a random tooth arrangement so no two Shark bombs alike.

This Shark bomb is dishwasher and microwave safe. You will receive a conformation email, as well as an email with tracking and shipping information once your order is ready. This is a pre sale. All Shark mugs will ship no later than August. I post updates daily on our instagram if you want to check and see what stage your order is at. Any questions, comments or concerns you can message us on Instagram or send us an email - [email protected]